Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Funky Liquor

NJ and I don't really drink but with socializing comes cocktails or hard drinks. In parties it is inevitable to avoid seeing those kinds of drinks. So, we've sorta learned to learn about the drinks. I have had a fair share of trying out the easy to acquire yet "funky" drinks. These are the ones sold at supermarkets or specialty liquor stores. So here goes...

1. Vodka Cruiser (Blue Ice)
I actually don't remember this very much but I believe this is the one that tastes more like sprite (again, the only difference is that it tastes bitter as it goes down your esophagus).

2. Vodka Mudshake (Caramel or Chocolate)
These taste like chocolate or caramel milk shake but with a bit of bitterness. This is actually the first alcoholic drink I've tried with friends and I actually liked it. Maybe because it tasted like milo only with a kick.

3. Bailey's
This tastes a lot like the Vodka Chocolate Mudshake. Some say the bitterness of Bailey's is milder than Mudshake's. Anyway, I have yet to try the Bailey's Mint and Chocolate.

4. Tequila Rose (Strawberry Cream)
This is, hands down, delicious. It tastes like strawberry milkshake. Yes, it still has a kick. Of course it would, or else it wouldn't be an alcoholic beverage, now would it. However, what's good about it is that the introduction of the bitter taste isn't 'off' at all. The bitter note after swallowing is not that noticeable especially if you drink this chilled.

So, do you know more booze we should know about? Spill the beans, ladies! Share share share! We promise we'd try our best to acquire what you suggest and taste 'em as well. Thanks!

Also, don't forget to drink moderately, PK girls!

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