Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Broken ♥-ed

I don't know if it's only in our school but it seems like there are a lot of people with broken ♥s nowadays. Cheer up girls! If you are trying to mend your hearts or your friend recently underwent heartbreak then here's a list of things to do to help you (or them) forget or ease the pain.

1. Figure yourself out.
Find out how you get over. Find out how you feel. You may want to talk about it for a week or not talk about it at all.

2. If you are hurt and you want to cry, just go and CRY.
Don't mind your friends when they say that he's just a waste of your tears. That may not be or may be true so just think of it this way, you are crying for you own well-being. You are crying for yourself, for your wasted/lost relationship and not for some guy who broke your heart, okay? Besides, having all those feelings pent up inside you could also be bad for your health. Did you know that trying to hold it in for too long (especially when it shouldn't) could actually cause your breakdown? Yes, PK girls, so be careful.

3. Start letting go and moving on.
Drinking, as most people say, is the "best" way to forget. But we say don't! By all means, try to avoid drinking. Don't waste your precious money and your pretty little body on fattening alcoholic beverages. Don't give your ex the satisfaction of finding out that you are a wreck and that you are slowly turning yourself into "trash" (Whoopsie, sorry for the harsh word, girls). Now, how can you move on? Surround yourself with positive people...with your friends! Hang out with them more. Go on group outings with them. Watch movies, dine, converse! Who knows, you might also meet a better guy through them. (But before that, a word of caution, be sure that you are ready for a new love before plunging into date world again, ayt?)

4. Shop or Window Shop
Go indulge on things for yourself. Prettify yourself. For example, get manis/pedis. Not only do foot spas and hand spas relax you, it also prettifies your nails and toes. Do things for YOU. Prove to your ex that he made a huge mistake by breaking your heart. And when he realizes this, be sure that you're ready to tell him (as politely as possible) in what way you want to be associated with him - just friends or willing to give him another chance.

5. Enroll in new classes
Piano lessons or speech/foreign language classes...go wild with your pick! Not only will you have a chance to meet new people and gain new friends, you'd also be growing as a person and learn new great things as well!

Don't worry PK girls, eventually everything would be okay. As Leona Lewis puts it, "It'll all get better in time."

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