Friday, June 6, 2008

Sexy time!

I don't know about you girls but S and I have been dying to watch Sex and the City the movie since we first heard news of it so you can only imagine our excitement when it finally came to Philippine shores! We wasted no time and the moment we got some down time, we rushed to our favorite cinema and parked our gorgeous tush(es) in the cush!

I will try my very best not to spoil the film for you even though I have to say I don't really need to do that as the trailer practically does the spoiling for everyone (watch it, you'll see what I mean). Sooo instead, let me just give you what S and I thought of the film! One word:


I cannot rave about it enough! SATC the movie did not fail us! It is brilliant beyond brilliant! The movie is proof that the "oldies" (older actresses I mean) can really be goodies :P

Sooo... what makes SATC work for us? Let me count the ways:

1. Fashion, fashion, fashion! Before Gossip Girl, there was Sex and the City. I mean, who could ever forget the ever fashionable foursome headed by style icon herself, Carrie Bradshaw? Well, true to tradition, SATC the movie gave us the hottest trends in fashion and much more! I cannot get over the gladiator sandals Carrie wore on set. Daym, they looked so hot!

I am so digging Sarah Jessica Parker's outfits. Pink looks really, really good on her! You have to notice Miranda's outfits too, they are a farcry from her past fauz pas!

....and of course, the wedding dress. Ah, heaven! *drool, drool*

2. Brilliant script! Gawd, I cannot get over how witty the script was! When you watch it, I want you to really listen hard to what they're saying because I tell you, the script is awesome! They better give their writers a good bonus because if it wasn't for the script, I wouldn't think it would work at all!

3. Thoughts on love and life. SATC has always been a series where you can pick up a lot of insights about life in general and the movie is no different. I so love how simple the events were but how deep the lessons about them are. It's also amazing that SATC was able to tackle a lot of issues about life and I tell you, watching it would really inspire you and encourage you to give life a second chance :)

4. The friendship of course! It's so amazing how a group of girls could remain so close and loyal to each other. It really does make you want to have that same set of loyal friends who will stick with you until you're all old and wrinkly. I tell you, the film brought tears to our eyes because the loyalty they had for each other was just so heartwarming, it would really make you cry! (mind you, we were not the only one tear-eyed, everyone was!)

Words really are not enough to describe this movie. It's so great, I feel like I cannot please Carrie Bradshaw enough with my words. This really is every it girl's must-see film of the year! So PK girls, what are you waiting for? Get your faux-pas Manolos and Vuittons ready and run, don't walk, to your nearest cinema!

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