Monday, June 9, 2008

The real score: colleges revealed

So you're a freshman, ey? Well, good for you! It's the beginning of something really big! Finally,
the last preparation stage until you get welcomed to the real world! Wow. Well, don't get too overwhelmed too soon, you still have to get through college first! hehe :)

Well, we at PK would like to help you learn more about the colleges you have chosen (err, just the top 3). I warn you though, this is unlike most college orientation write-ups out there. What we have is the real deal. Y'know, the stuff they don't usually tell you... *wink!

Let's keep this hush hush, okay? ;)

University of the Philippines
Congratulations! You made it to U.P.! So, you're smart ey? Well, YES! But hey, there's still a lot to know before you finally go brag about your university.

1. Everyone is brilliant. And I mean, everyone! When you go there, you'd be meeting a lot of valedictorians, academic awardees and occasional Palanca winners. There may be some who do not look the part but you will be surprised come exam day when they suddenly ace all tests.
2. The professsors are a nightmare. Studying in U.P. really is hard since the expectations are way high.
3. The subjects are harder. It's partly because of the professor's expectations but then it may also be because U.P. has this standard that the professors have to stick to every year. In fact, each subject syllabus is scrutinized first by the deans before finally being approved.

1. Not everyone in U.P. is poor. In fact, because of the 300% increase in tuition, most students in U.P. now are from middle to upper class families. Still, there really are some from very poor families who really do benefit a lot from the U.P. system
2. Everyone in UP dresses up badly. There are the occasional jologs but I tell you, some of the most fashionable people can be found in this university because they are allowed to wear whatever they want so you could really go all out Carrie Bradshaw style!

1. Beware of Flunking and having to transfer school. Passing the UPCAT is just the tip of the iceberg. Staying in U.P. is the harder part. You can't go brag about passing the entrance exam because it's just the beginning. What's harder is keeping your grades up because like I said before, everyone's brilliant and the professors are really hard to please. Plus! The passing grade in U.P. is 60% not 50% so you have to step up your game everytime.
2. Math in UP is a nightmare. Beware! Beware! Beware!
3. Frats and Sororities in U.P. are the new cliques. It's like you're not "in" if you're not a member of one. But beware because these people do not really have the "cleanest" reputation around, if you know what I mean.
4. Enrollment in UP is hell. Long queues, uncentralized system, it's one big chaos!

Ateneo de Manila University
Woohoo! Start being proud to be Blue! Just don't let it get to your head first! Read on cool girl!

1. People in ADMU are rich. There's no argument about that. With a tuition like that, only people who can pay can stay.
2. Ateneans speak good English. Mostly because the students come from good high schools already, Ateneans (about 75% of them) tend to be more versed in conversational English than other schools.
3. There are a lot of perks when you're a varsity player. Apart from the fame of course, varsity members also get a lot of free stuff. The best part is when sponsors give out items like free running shoes (from adidas) or when they get to train in far off places in the country. Say, a training camp-slash-free trip to Ilocos or Baguio. And of course, how 'bout the promise of a free trip to Europe or America when your team wins the championship? Ooooh, how posh!
4. Ateneo gives out the BEST freshman welcome ever. It's days of fun, fun, fun! There are a lot of activities and a free concert to boot! This year, they even have Parokya ni Edgar, Urbandub, Sandwich and Itchyworms to name a few :)

1. Not everyone in ADMU are airheaded. In fact, most of the students are really down-to-earth people. We believe that the ones who come off airheaded are the selected few who come from Ateneo high school too (big emphasis on the BOYS). But most of the time, students from ADMU are really simple (apart from the fact that they really are rich, bringing with them their hot cars and designer labels). Just think: Patty Laurel and Bianca Gonzalez.
2. Not all are ADMU guys are hot. Hehe :P Even if everyone keeps on insisting that the hot guys are in ADMU, it's not really that true. Yes, most of the boys have good skin and fair complexions but really... not all. What makes people fall for this lie is that most of the time they generalize on the quality of boys there by basing them on the basketball varsity team players. I mean, who hasn't fallen for Chris Tiu? But then, on a normal basis, not all boys in ADMU are that hot (witty, yes. but hot? just some)

1. Dress code in the campus. No more dress freedom on campus! You can't go about flaunting your new mini skirt or your cute havs for you'll get reprimanded big time!
2. Acting Coniotic. Do you know that the Spanish term coño actually means a man's genitals? Like, eww! It's counterpart of the English term, "ass". So what I'm saying is, don't be carried away with acting like a true blue Eagle, because you know, too much of something is always BAD. That means, no "party girl" outfits, mean girl slang and loud outbursts!

De La Salle University
Yay! Finally, you got in your dream school! Cool thing about it? You get to call yourself a FROSH--exclusive freshman term for all La Sallians :)

1. There are a lot of hot guys in La Salle. True, true, there really are more cute guys in la salle that any other school. There are a lot of celebrities, half-pinoys and of course, a lot of chinitos. You have to beware though as when you're there already, they won't seem so "hot" afterall as they tend to all 'look-alike'.
2. La Salle has the most high-tech campus in the Phils. There's no doubt about that! You only have to look at the Campus itself to know what I mean. Digital Billboard, electronic IDs, state of the art Library, you name it! It's even fascinating how even Arts courses are turned into tech courses with the integration of subjects like Digital Photography, Multimedia and Video. Cool, ey?
3. La Salle is great when it comes to perks. You're a freshman, you should be showered with these! DLSU gives out really posh planners to their freshmen and other free stuff. The coolest stuff though are given to the VARSITY! Condo unit, new car? How cool is that?? (whoops, just the basketball team girls.sorry!)

1. Not all La Sallians are airheads. Let's not be judgmental, okay? So fine, La Sallians are rich but don't always think that they're big airheads. It's just that there are a lot of celebrities in that school and it is these celebrities who sometimes act a little airheaded. You'll be surprised to find out their just like your High School friends too ;)

1. Never fall in the fashion wagon. Yes, there's nothing wrong with being in style and all but what you have to be wary about is being pressured to always look your best. There are a lot of days in a year and what to wear to school should be the least of your worries. You're going to school, remember, not some fashion show.

Ha! There you go! Insider information to you girls right here! Let's keep this hush hush okay? ;)

btw, if you know more inside info about the school, feel free to add, it would be much appreciated :)

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