Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pucker Up!

Since last week I've been telling NJ that I want to dispose all of my lip glosses/ lip balms. Here's a little fact about me, I'm a self-confessed lippie addict. I always bring 3 with me: 1 lip plumper, 1 tinted gloss and 1 lip balm. I don't know why I need to bring three but I just feel comfortable knowing that I have different ones with me. So, disposing all of it at the same time sounded a wee bit suicidal for my lippie needs.

I've always adored the offered brands at Beauty Bar. Also, it's been years since I've started craving to try the famous lippie brands there. That's why I took the opportunity to finally indulge myself with the following brands:

1. Philosophy
The name of their lip line is the cutest (and catchiest)... KISS ME! I found their simple packaging and detailed product summary quite alluring. I also had a love-at-first-sight moment with their Kiss Me! Exfoliating Lip Scrub. I was just so happy to see that there's such a product in the market. Silly as it may sound, I used to use a baby toothbrush to scrub my lips then I shifted to using the gum cleaner of my 360 toothbrush. Haha! But now that a Lip Scrub exists, keeping my lips soft, supple and pinkish is so much more easier and yummier!;) It has sugar granules that help remove the dry lip skin and it also has a sweet and minty flavor. Their other lip product, the Kiss Me! Lip Gloss, has a minty flavor that helps plump your lips a little. The available shades? Kiss Me Natural, Kiss Me Red and Kiss Me Pink. The Kiss Me Philosophy? The road to intimacy is a lot of kissing. Teehee.

2. Bloom
Playful and sophisticated are two words used to describe this Australia-based cosmetics line. Did you know that the face on their product's boxes has a name? It's Miss Bloom, the line's glamorous representative. Anyway, back to their famous products..the first thing that caught my eye was their wide array of lip gloss. Their lip gloss line has 18 different colors and I chose to go Girlie. Next was their really vibrant red lip plump. The lip plump colour with maxi lip comes in colors other than red but in this product, I fell in love with the redness of the Fifi Fatale. What's special about their lip plumper is that it contains Maxi Lip. Maxi lip hydrates the lips and helps smooth fine lines that can appear around your lips. Also, there's the lip duo. The lip duo has a lip gloss and lipstick with complementary shades. Unlike other brands, the two shades really do complement each other. This is great for helping you change from being a daytime glambabe to a sultry nightingale just with the combination of the two. If you want to look natural use the gloss, if you want to look formal use the lipstick, and if you want to look glammed up just blend the two. To tell you the truth I had quite a hard time choosing between Romance and Classic. But I ended up going for Romance simply because it had more dramatic colors Cutie Pie lipstick and Tint lip gloss.

To tell you the truth, I was curious about the different lip products under DuWop. There's lip venom, venom flash, anti-venom, etc. So, if you too are confused like me then here's their definitions: "Lip Venom is the original way to add clear tingle and shine to the lips. Venom Flash is the formula of original Lip Venom spiked with silver or gold. Venom Gloss gives you almost the same buzz as Lip Venom (it is slightly less intense) and adds color and softening agents. Shades of Venom provides the venom experience (smell and feel) in a sheer lip stain with less intensity than original Lip Venom. Anti-Venom, as the name suggests, contains no venom sensation at all." I was able to try 3 of the 5 types. The first one was the Pink Shimmer Venom Flash. I love pink! I couldn't resist putting on layers of this but then I realized two things. First was that it wasn't mine..tester, dah-lings! and second was that my lips might get too plump or full! Now back to the lip plumper, it really did have pink shimmer and having that pink glow made me feel much more feminine. The next thing I got was the Mini Venom Trio. It contains three small tubes of the original Lip Venom, Venom Flash Gold and Venom Flash Silver. The three achieve the same thing - glossy plump plump plump Angelina Jolie-ish lips! The only difference of the three is their shimmer. Lip Venom has no shimmer, Venom Flash Gold has gold shimmer and Venom Flash Silver has silver shimmer. However, don't get your hopes too high since I don't think that the shimmer was that noticeable. Finally, I also bought the Venom Gloss. As the box states, it is a "wickedly gorgeous plumping gloss that gives high shine, perfect color and instant fullness." Now, here's another glossy tinted lip plumper. I just wanted to own the original and most popular brand of lip plumper and I opted for the Tulip Venom Gloss.

Here's a little reminder for those who are easily excited over lip plumpers. Beware not to overuse your lip plumper. Too much of a good thing can also be bad, you know. Lip plumpers make your lips feel like it's been stung therefore it swells. So too much of it could cause your lips to swell too much. Just remember, you want to look like you have kissable pouting lips and not fish lips. Okay?

Also,be wary. These lippies come with a hefty price tag. So I suggest that you take advantage of their testers first and see which shades you love and look great in before purchasing. Ayt? :)

Happy lippie hunting, girls!

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