Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Getting lofty at Jack's

S and I are such suckers for food. We just love, love traveling the metro in search for the best food it can offer. We go to places just because we "heard" they serve good food. Well, where did our pretty feet take us this time?

To Jack's Loft, Ermita :)

Jack's Loft looks like your typical semi-posh restaurant. It's like one of those places yuppies hang out after work. But Jack's Loft is not your typical restaurant! Suprising, it is actually a dessert joint!

Yes girls! We're not lying! It may not look like it but Jack's loft is famous for their dessert line! So, what did we get?

Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake - P88.00

This one is really great. It's light, creamy and really satisfying! You really could eat it alone because it's not so sweet or too overwhelming for your palette. :)

I Declair! - ?

The I Declair is basically an eclair covered with layers and layers of whipped cream then topped with nuts and chocolate syrup. Sounds enticing right? Well, yeah. But don't be fooled too much. What we didn't like about this dessert is the fact that it is practically covered with whipped cream. We found ourselves removing the cream co'z it was just too much.

Fried Ice cream- P115.00

This one really got my attention at once. I had tempura ice cream in Red Kimono at Silver City once and I've never stopped craving it since then so I almost jumped with glee when I saw this! The fried ice cream is basically vanilla ice cream covered with batter. Simple but irristibly enticing! Well, how was it? Not better than the one at Red Kimono but enough for one thumb up! The outer covering was flaky and was not hard to cut. It also has this "melt-in-your-mouth" feel to it which is good. The ice cream however was quite mediocre as I felt like I was merely eating Magnolia Ice Cream. But overall, I say the taste is wonderful! Really gives you a lot of texture. Very interesting indeed!

We tried the main courses there as well but we don't think they're too remarkable to write about. And one thing: stay awake from their onion rings! Horrible, I tell you. Horrible. On a lighter side, you have to try their Fishbowl Iced Tea. It's soooo cute! It's Jack Loft's own blend of iced tea placed in a FISHBOWL! Great for sharing but fun even if you drink it alone. Haha! :P

So go on girls! Get 'lofty' at Jack's! :)

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