Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Of fairytales and castles

We are all growing up and in this fast-paced world, there are times when I would find myself wishing I was back in my grade school days merely playing with my dolls and thinking of princesses and fairytales. Well, now you don't have to merely imagine being back in your youth anymore! You can actually traipse on lala land once again and relive the joys of your sweet childhood by watching Cinderella!

Cinderella the musicale has been making waves since the latter part of 2007. I mean, it's Lea Salonga! It's expected to make waves! Now that it is being shown at the CCP, Cinderella's appeal still hasn't vanished :)

The musicale does not depart from the traditional Cinderella story. Afficionados will not be disappointed as all the characters were there and the story sticked to its playful, colorful and light disposition. Watching it will make you relive your childhood days when everything was colorful, glittery and magical.

The show really is beautiful but don't expect outstanding songs like Sun and Moon from Miss Saigon or Music of the night from the Phantom of the Opera. This time, the songs were simple, fun and in a word, "for children". But then, that's the real appeal of the musicale! It's designed to unleash the child in each of us :)

I say you have to watch it. It would really make you feel good about yourself and somehow, make you believe that Happy Endings are possible. Besides, Cinderella's golden carriage is too beautiful to pass up!

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