Thursday, March 5, 2009

Versace love

I am a huge sucker for designer gowns. I love admiring them and dreaming that one day I will finally get my own piece of haute couture. :) Well, while I was websurfing the other day, I chanced upon Versace's Summer 2009 couture collection and boy was I blown away!

The matrix

Pink Oracle


Neo Glamour

Purple Zion

Silk seraph

Take me to nebuchadnezzar

The Keymaker

Merovingian descent

The architect

Versace Choi

Morpheus' bride


Wow. I tell you, this is first class couture as we know it. Props to Donatella Versace! I guess she's decided to finally to come out of her brother's shadow. Great move girl!

So tell me, which gown blew you away? :)

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