Monday, March 16, 2009

Updates on the music scene..

1. Chris Brown and Rihanna
Our favorite R&B couple is back together! There are various speculations on why Chris Breezy and Ri-ri got in a huge physical fight but there was story that caught our attention. A word of caution though, this is not confirmed so might as well wait for their confirmation (if they do admit these kinds of news). One story said that Rihanna got a disease and she happened to have Chris infected too! We know, we know..Chris Brown still shouldn't have hit Rihanna. Ho-hum..

2. Miley Cyrus admits how hurt she's been.
The teen star is about to launch her second album..and it's in this album that she poured all her ill feelings toward her ex, one of the Jo Bros. She admitted how hurt she was when she and Nick broke up. However, she also said that even if Nick thinks that they could still get back together in the future, that is NOT what she wants. Miley said that she's perfectly happy with her new beau, Justin, and that for her "past is past" ;)

3. Master Rapper bids the Philippines farewell..
Last March 6, a Filipino music icon passed away. He died of a severe case of leukemia. The Philippines mourned for such a great loss. We give props to his family for being so strong and for holding on to their faith. Francis Magalona was not only a singer, he was also an entrepreneur. His clothing label, Three Stars and a Sun shows his love for the country. These shirts have been selling like hotcakes! The beautiful designs just want you to be super proud not only of FM but also of the Philippines. Here, click HERE to check out their multiply site. ;)

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