Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New hotspots..

1. Glorietta 5
You know how Filipinos love to check out newly opened malls so one weekend afternoon, I decided to check this place out. Hehe. It didn't matter that I didn't know when exactly this mall opened, I know I just had to check it out. Apparently, Glorietta 2 is now closed so this is sort of the replacement wing. Most of the store spaces are still open for occupation. What I observed, though, was that the interior design of the ground floor was sophisticated but as you reach the topmost floor, more and more of the stores in it felt like it didn't belong there. Hehe. Sorry. However, Glo5 (as my friend calls it) houses several interesting restaurants. Watch out for my other post about the resto. ;) Anyway, if ever you're in the Ayala Malls area, go ahead and take the opportunity to check this place out.

2. Forbes Town Center's Forbes Town Road
There's a new fine dining and high-end fashion strip in town! Global City is home to the newly built Forbes Town Center. It would have a residential block and a retail strip, just like
 Singapore's Bugis Junction. As of now, it is still not so advisable to visit because there's still a lot of construction going on at the vicinity. However, there's something nice about knowing that you're one of the first ones to go there even before it was formally opened, right? Haha. How do you get there? It's the strip of restaurants and shops in front of UCC and McDonald's The Fort.

3. Eastwood Mall
Who hasn't been to Eastwood for a gimmick, right? But most of us don't know that there is a new mall in the area! The new mall is a bit hidden so it takes a good eye to notice that something great is cooking right across the street from McDonald's and GoNuts Donuts.

I've been to this mall for a number of times now. I am actually in love with its overall design. You'd feel like you're in a different place! The restrooms are really clean and well designed. Also, I can't wait for its cinema to open. I hear that they have Lazy-Boy seats that are covered with purple velvet! Hehe. I also enjoy going to this mall's Starbucks and Timezone with my cousins. I also appreciate how a number of stores here are seldom found elsewhere. However, one boo boo of this mall is that you'd have to cross the street (with no covered walkway) to reach most of the restaurants. But still, that's such a minor fact!

We know that it's almost summer time and you've got a lot of time on your hands. So why don't you ask your friends out and check these new places out? Don't forget to tell us about what you've noticed in these hotspots, ayt? :)

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