Sunday, March 29, 2009

This summer, drink Pinoy!

Yey! It's finally summer! One of the funnest season of the year! It's so hot though that these days, I've done nothing but drink. Yeah, drink! I've been grabbing any thirst-quenching liquid object in sight! hehe :) Well, my "need" got me browsing around bottled drinks in the grocery and guess what I found? The weirdest and coolest Pinoy drink on the shelves:

Presenting, bottled Sago and Gulaman!

Hihi :) It's so interesting right? Well, SNG Sago't Gulaman contains natural seaweeds which is good for your digestion. Besides, I'm really glad the gulaman is made from seaweeds because most come from animal parts. I'm not kidding with this! It's one of the things I learned from being vegetarian. Sometimes Gulaman comes from cow intestines. Yuck right? So knowing that the gulaman they use for SNG is from seawoods (sorry, I didn't get to note what exactly), was a big relief for me!

So how was it? Let me critique each flavor:

SNG Sago't Gulaman Original
Well, it tasted like... the original. Hahaha! Really! But it's a good thing right? It means, you won't get disappointed! I guess I just thought since it's bottled already, it would have something more to offer but I guess it was wrong for me to expect. hehe :)

SNG Black Gulaman
This one is my favorite. It's so much more tastier! I don't really know the difference between black gulaman and other types but I think it works for this drink! It's sweet and refreshing, just reminds me of my childhood days :)

SNG Sago't Gulaman Melon
Melon flavor? Hmm... Well, surprisingly, this one worked! The combination was not awesome but it was alright :) It tasted a bit like melon and smelled like one too but it was sweeter and had gulaman and sago. I don't know how to rate this, I guess like I said, it was okay :P

SNG Sago't Gulaman Apple
OMG! This one was total a disaster! hahaha! It was soooo weird! Maybe it was also because I already tasted the Melon and I was expecting the Apple to tasted good too but boy was I wrong! It was really weird, I didn't know what to make of it. I gave up after a few sips. Although when I gave it to my mom, she finished the whole bottle and got suprised it was apple flavor. She didn't notice! haha! :P

Well, well, well, I say you just have to taste this for yourself. I'm so torn on how to rate this. But I guess bottom line is, I'm just super glad that there's a uniquely Pinoy drink on the market today. GO Pinoy!

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