Saturday, April 4, 2009

Restaurant review: Cafe Mediterranean

You all know how S and I love the taste of Middle East food. Something about all the spices and clean but full taste of it excites us!-- and admittedly, it's because of all the hummus :) hehe

So I was so excited when I found a quaint "cafe" offering Mediterranean food (slash our favorite kind of food!) Girls, say hello to Cafe Mediterranean!

Cafe Mediterranean boasts of authentic Mediterranean cuisine. The first time S and I saw this restaurant, we immediately thought it offered Greek cuisine and since for us, the best greek resto will always be Cyma, we didn't really bother checking out the place. But alas! We were so wrong!

The pita bread was crispy but soft at the same time. Yum, yum! The only downside: they serve only one piece. You have to have a separate order for more (which you probably should do because I'm sure you'll be craving for more stuff to dip in your hummus)

Aaaahh... the hummus :) One word: lalalalove! :P

Their pizza came as the biggest surprise. It was soooooo good! The crust was really crispy and very thin. The toppings were also very tasty! It was very authentic and for a meager price of less than 350php, I say it was so worth it! Overall, the things we ordered cost us less than 500php. Cheap huh?

I think one of the coolest things about the Cafe aside from from its good food of course, is that they offer semi-vegetarian food. It's so hard to come by vegetarian friendly restaurants that it's such a pleasant surprise to find one that you would actually enjoy :)

I was eye-ing more things in the menu which I've heard a lot of praise for so I'm recommending the following if you ever go there: white cheese pizza, kebab pizza, grilled chicken, and spicy pork tenderloin. (Me and my other friends went there and they swear by the great taste of the following, I trust them, hence my recommendation. hehe)

So for being vegetarian friendly, having good value for money and offering really tasty food, the Cafe Mediterranean gets 4 1/2 kisses from us :) ♥♥♥♥

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