Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cinemalaya 9

And once again, Indie Films reign supreme! Thank you Cinemalaya for the amazing week that was!

My favorite this year is Purok 7. It was just so tastefully done. The plot was deep, yet simple, and just beautifully executed. I do hope they win awards!

Coming in close second is Rekorder. I know it's not an obvious favorite but I really like it. I like that it's so Cinemalaya, if you know what I mean. Also, like how I always am with things I enjoy, I find the movie memorable-- and that to me is the gauge of a good thing. Good job Mikhail Red!

Apart from those two, I also enjoyed Transit and Babagwa. Transit has a more documentary kind of feel to it while Babagwa was just so so fresh!

I can't wait to see who won in this year's festival! As early as now though, I extend my congratulations to all the participants! Thank you for a fun week!

See you all next year!

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