Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Power of Argan

It was my godsister who first introduced me to Argan Oil. She kept fussing about the Moroccan Argan oil hair treatment cream from Organix saying how it made her hair super soft. I believed her and tried it for myself and it did live up to expectations!

After my finishing an entire bottle, which I used daily as conditioner, I found myself getting second doubts whether to get another bottle because of its hefty price tag. A bottle of Organix' conditioner would set you back more than Php500.00 and since I use it daily, that bottle would last me just around a month. Compare that to regular conditioners which costs just around Php150.00, right? The cheapskate in me just can't stomach that huge price difference.

Well, one day while I was at Watson's, I chanced upon a tub of Argan Oil from Hair Treats and what have you, the effects are the same!!!

I got a 650 gram tub for Php225.00, and best part is, it's on promo-- buy one, take one!

I use it daily and apply it on the roots of my hair and I never have to worry about bad hair days! As testament to that, here is an annoying selfie I took:

Didn't blow dry my hair, hardly combed it the entire day and yet here it is still looking beautiful at 5pm after a long day of work! Oh, the power of Argan Oil!

I know Argan oil isn't that popular but I think it's about time people are made aware of how wonderful it is! I saw it too in one episode of America's Next Top Model, when one of the models had to do a brief infomercial about Moroccan Argan Oil. Its applications are wonderful! Try googling it to see for yourself :)

If you're ever at Watson's, I recommend trying this product. It also comes in a smaller tub which costs around Php75.00 which is just perfect if you just want to test it out. I started with that small tub until I upgraded to the 650-gram container. The smaller tub lasted me around a month so I say it's definitely a steal at that price! So happy to have found this product :)

Have a happy hair day everyone!

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