Monday, August 5, 2013

Rough it up, tough it out

What is it with independent women that men find so intimidating?

It's always the same line-- "She's too beautiful; too smart; too successful. I can never date a 10."

If guys only knew how much hearing that hurts. 

Over the years, women have struggled hard just to become liberated from the stigma-- that of being JUST a housewife. Because the truth is, women also want what men have achieved. And while men are admired for reaching their fullest potentials, successful women are feared.

It's the saddest excuse ever. And one that I've heard way too many times. "She's intimidating". Really, when someone tells you that, how do you reply? It's like a trap. A death sentence. A statement with no winning rebuttal. Just that. The worst excuse and yet, the most honest one.

You can't please everyone. And I never believed in conforming to society. There are so many times I'm driven to change just to fit in that mold of the not-so-intimidating girl but I realized I'm not being true to myself. God put all of us in this world because he wants us to LIVE. He wants us to be the best version of ourselves and success is part of that whole equation. 

You can downplay your achievements, you can try not to be so busy with co-curricular activities, you can try to hide the things you do well but in the end, what does that make of you? A liar. And who will hurt in the end? You.

I intend to become MORE. Because as much as it may sound like a lie, I'm doing this because I'm intimidated by someone else too. A boy. Because all that I have; all that I am, he can match and even surpass. And it is men like him that makes me hold on to the hope that I'm on the right path-- that tells me there's nothing wrong with being successful. I want to maximize my potentials and become successful because of him. He has changed the way I think. But don't get me wrong-- it doesn't mean I'm in love with him. I'm just grateful that I met someone who made me want to succeed. For the first time in a long while, I felt proud of myself, and wanted to show the world all I can do. I pushed myself to my limits and wanted to soar high. I then understood what I never did before--  I can never be less intimidating. I can only wish I find someone who can keep up with me. Who can run beside me and fight the same battles. Who understands why I'm doing what I'm doing and what I live for. And who would want to share my world. 

Like Gino Quillamor said, "you have a lot to offer and if someone doesn't see that, then offer it to someone else. Someone that'll make you feel appreciated. Someone who will need you and someone who will see the good that you bring about with you. Not letting it go to waste and not letting it pass them by."

Amen brother, amen.

//Worn to Cinemalaya 9.
Green utility vest - Forever 21
Black bandage skirt - Forever 21
Green wedged lace up boots - Charles & Keith

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