Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ordering in, Vegetarian Style

Guess what? I ordered from again! Lol! This time, I ordered from one of those restaurants I've been wanting to try ever since-- Pipino, vegetarian cuisine!

There are very few vegetarian restaurants in the Metro and even if eating at non-vegetarian restaurants don't bother me so much, there are days I just want to relax and order from a menu where I can eat EVERYTHING from. That is why I felt doubly happy when I saw that has Pipino in its roster of restaurants.

I went a big trigger happy with the order button so I ended up with a buffet of sorts which I shared with my colleague:

Item no. 1: Portobello mushroom stuffed burger

Portobello mushroom--the "meat" of vegetarians! I love portobello because it's one of my favorite mushrooms. Good thing my colleague ordered this one so I got to taste it! The meal comes with kamote fries. See how "healthy" this burger meal is??

Item no. 2: Portobello inasal with brown rice

Since I am big on Portobello, I ordered portobello inasal with brown rice. This one kind of disappointed me because I feel like the portobello was under seasoned. The beet sauce that came with it was supposed to compensate but sadly, it didn't :(

Item no. 3: Vegetable Kare-Kare

This is ♥! I get now why it's such a popular dish, it tastes amazing! The black bean "bagoong" was the star of this dish! It was so authentic! Yum-o!

I'm so happy that I finally got to order from Pipino. I'm so excited for my next order! I'm definitely getting the vegetarian lasagna next!

To order, visit

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