Thursday, January 27, 2011

Flights of fancy...

Life seems so colorless to me lately. To get myself out of a slump, I scoured for colorful pictures which (luckily) helped to remind me how wonderfully vibrant life can be..

My love for made-up dining tables seem to stem from my OC-ness. Yes, I'm just a tad OC.  Anyway,  seeing wonderful table settings make me feel that the host really exerted effort to prepare for our meal. Scroll down to see everyday, casual, and formal home-dining table settings.

P.S. I'm very sorry, forgot to keep track of the photo sources except for two.. The 5th picture is a table setting by Jenni Epperson while the 7th picture is by Judy Aldridge.

I hope the images inspire you as well. A happy Thursday to all of us!:)

1 comment:

  1. I crave for that cup of warm tea! Yum.

    Love this post. So refreshing!


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