Thursday, January 29, 2009

UP Fair 2009

The UP Fair is not THE UP Fair for no reason. Here's the line up of bands slated to perform at this year's event :

February 9 (Monday) - EUFAIRIA by Delta Pi Omicron Sorority and Indios Bravos Multimedia

presents Rico Blanco
with performances by
Slapshock, Queso
Intolerant, Razorback
Typecast, Markus Highway
Hilera, Reklamo
Franco, Stonefree
Chubibo, Brigada
Badburn, Dissent
Sin, Manila Bus
Peligro, Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man
Meat Balls, Falling at Zero Degrees
and many more.

February 10 (Tuesday) - ROCKULTURA by the UP Engineers and Men for College and Country Fraternity (EMC2)

Pupil, Urbandub
Sandwich, Chicosci
Queso, 6cyclemind
Itchyworms, The Wudz
Imago, Callalily
Mayonnaise, Soapdish
Silent Sanctuary, Greyhoundz
Cambio, Pedicab
Markus Highway, Datu’s Tribe
Zelle, Join the Club
Peryodiko, Kelevra
The Ambassadors, Archipelago
Nicty Nasty, Paraluman
South Superhighway,
and so much more!

Tix @ only 80php.

February 11 Wednesday - AMPLIFIED by Alpha Sigma Fraternity

performances by
Parokya Ni Edgar
Moonstar 88
Out Of Body Special
Blue Boy Bites Back
The Ambassadors
The Youth

February 12 Thursday - RAMBOL by UP Brotherhood of the Filipinos 1955 (or aka Pinoy ‘55)

with performances by
Parokya Ni Edgar, Francis M.
Gloc 9, Urbandub
Greyhoundz, Typecast
Pupil, Brownman Revival
6 Cyclemind, Imago
Hilera, Up Dharmadown
Radioactive Sago Project, Giniling Festival
Paramita, De Lara
Stone Free, Mayonnaise
Cambio, Zelle
Nicky Nasty, Ambassador
Protein Shake, Space Flower Show
Paraluman, Manibela
Duster, Blue Ketchup
Tanya Markova, Chubibo
Juana, Hidden Nikki, Melanie
Tix @ only 90php.

February 13 Friday - LOVERAGE 3 by UP Pan Xenia Fraternity, UP Adelfe Enu Crea Sorority and UP CURSOR

Break the Curse
featuring Bamboo, Sugarfree,
Urbandub, Kjwan,
Itchyworms, Greyhoundz,
Razorback, Typecast,
Moonstar 88, Silent Sanctuary,
Kitchie Nadal, Stonefree,
Mayonnaise, Cambio,
Hilera, Soapdish,
Giniling Festival, Delara,
Valley of Chrome, Fuse,
Zelle, Salamin,
Fuerza, Chubibo,
Top Junk, Intolerant,
Menaya, Playphonics,
Sopiz, Kelevra and many more!
Tix @ only 90php.

Wow. What an exciting line up of bands! So will we be seeing you there? :)

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