Thursday, January 22, 2009

Raid the closets

As the year opened, we at PK listed the up and coming trends this `09. One of the styles I was most excited about was the tailored pieces. I've been looking at tailored jackets since forever (haha, not. more like since the last quarter of last year) but I can't seem to find the perfect one because what was more rampant during those months were graphic jackets.

I've been seeing in magazines that you should try to check the wardrobe of your brothers/mothers/fathers or even grandmothers for key fashion pieces. Last night, I finally gave my mom's (and dad's) wardrobe a look and boy, was I pleasantly surprised. It was in there that I found the perfect blazer jacket! However, here's my main dillema: my mom's clothes are too big on me. I checked the tag on the blazer and I saw that it was from Black Shop. Fortunately for me, they have a great customer assistance system. They would gladly alter pieces you bought from them, no matter how long ago you bought it from 'em! When I visited their store today, I chanced upon 2 more blazer jackets (cropped jackets, that is!) that fit me so well. I tried to search online to give you a clue of how blazer jackets in Black Shop look. I was able to find some in Topshop's site (only, they call it casual jackets) instead.

You wanna know what my next key item to purchase is once I claim my altered pieces from Black Shop? Leather jackets ;)

Now, that's just one piece of clothing..don't you wonder what else I saw when I kept looking? Just keep reading PK, then and wait for my next post ;) Til my next 'raid'!

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