Sunday, November 3, 2013

Turning Egyptian

So what did you go as this Halloween? Me, I went as Cleopatra.

I am very proud of my costume this year because I made most of it myself. Save for the white dress, which is actually a beach cover-up, everything I am wearing I sewed myself.

I didn't get to prepare much for my costume. I was so lazy that instead renting out/buying something I just decided to DIY it. I bought all my materials from SM Department store. I got white felt, ribbons and trimmings. Everything was made in a rush that I was really surprised when it turned out pretty nice in the end.

Even if I really don't have any experience in sewing garments before, I decided to go with felt because I really wanted to be able to wear it again. I didn't wait it to be another of my usual arts and crafts projects that end up in the thrash after just one event. So if anyone is looking for an Egyptian costume, you may rent out mine. Hehe
I'm really proud of how this turned out, it makes me think I may have a future making clothes or costumes. 

I still can't believe my beach dress worked perfect in my Egyptian ensemble. Even those Aldo shoes I've had for the longest time (and which I thought didn't look very Egyptian at all), proved to be perfect for this look. I know it sounds conceited but when you didn't really plan something so much and DIY-ed most of it, you can't help feel really happy when things turn out right :)

Please don't mind so much the awkward makeup. I really am not very particular about makeup, I can only do theater makeup which is extravagant and allows me to play with colors. I chose a bright green mineral eye shadow for my eyes and lined it with liquid eye liner to achieve Cleopatra's look. 

Hope you all had a great Halloween too! 

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