Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Vegetarian Cuisine Done Right

Pipino- vegetarian cuisine by Pino, oh how long have I wanted to visit you! I've posted about ordering from them before through and Sophia also raved about them in her post here, but I guess we will never get enough of Pipino so here goes another post!

As I've said, I've been wanting to go to Pipino for the longest time but hasn't had the chance to do so, until now. My colleague got hooked on the vegan bagoong that went with my kare-kare last time and she wanted to buy a bottle of it so we decided to have lunch at Pipino one fine day while our bosses were not around (hehehe).
Bad angle! lol! Sorry the resto doesn't look as shabby as this photo suggests it does.
  I'll go straight to what we got, okay? First off, cheese sticks with nori from Pino!

OMG! I died! It was so good! The nori was wrapped inside with the cheese. It was topped with pesto and a bit of this strawberry (I think) sauce which just made the flavors pop! This one is actually from the Pino menu but since I'm ovo-lacto vegetarian (I eat cheese), I got these too. 

Next appetizer!

Brown rice rolls! It's a rice roll with mango, cucumber and carrots. This is really good! Although I have to say it's very filling and can even be eaten as a main course rather than just an appetizer. Speaking of main course, what did I get?

The famous vegan lasagna! It's so big! It's like a block of lasagna! The cool thing about this is that it has no cheese (since it's vegan) and instead has silken tofu. I find it really cool how they were able to successfully replicate lasagna with pure vegan-friendly ingredients. I only have an issue with the portion size! Seriously, it's  too big! I felt I was force feeding myself just to finish it. Still, good job Pipino!

My colleague and I even got vegetarian kare-kare for take out. We just couldn't get enough! We wanted everything on the menu!

I can't wait to go back to Pipino for more vegetarian meals! I am really getting the watermelon steak next time. And the soba noodles. And the tempura. Aaaaaaaah, there are so many options!

Here's to good vegetarian restos in the Metro! And here's a big shout out to fellow vegetarians! :)

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