Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cottage Cheese Ice Cream

Cheese-flavored Ice Cream. My favorite! I am a big queso girl so you could imagine my happiness when I chanced upon this flavor at the grocery:

Kesong Puti Ice Cream! Ack, I felt like I was dreaming! A closer look at the freezer made me realize that there were other equally awesome flavors being offered:

There's Macapuno Langka, Macapuno Banana, Ube Keso, Mangoes and Cream, Coffee Crumble, Pandan Pinipig and Tsokolate Tablea. Oh wow!!! Truly, the BEST of the Philippines! I could have hoarded all the flavors if they only came in smaller tubs. But since I have to consider whether or not I'd be able to finish it on my own, I had to settle for one.

Kesong Puti ice cream with bits of kesong puti. So how was it? Delicious! It's not that hard to imagine really, it tasted like cheese ice cream but not as salty as the former. It had a lighter less "cheesy" taste to it and more of a fuller milk taste. So good! Next time, I'm getting the Pandan Pinipig just cause I'm a big fan of buko pandan. After that, I'm trying the Macapuno Banana. Then the Tskokolate Tablea. I am seriously going crazy over these flavors!

Good job Magnolia for introducing this line of ice cream! I go crazy over products that promote and elevate Philippine food. I think our food is world class, we only fall short in how it is presented and marketed. So thank you Magnolia for being so nationalistic and helping turn Filipino food into gourmet.

I don't care if my throat is getting more sore from eating ice cream. This is just too good to pass up on! Cheese on cheese. How more amazing can you get??

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