Monday, September 9, 2013

All I need

Icona Pop couldn't have said it better-- "All I need in this life of sin, is me and my girl friend!".

I'm an only child. And to be honest, I enjoy being an only child. It has its advantages and disadvantages but I think the biggest disadvantage is that you don't have that "go to" buddy for your random trips and other activities. That's why I really cherish my girl friends because they are the closest I have to having siblings.

One my closest girl friend is my god sister, who coincidentally is an only child too. I've known her since I was very small and we've been through so much together. We get along really well and because of similarities in our background, we just understand each other.

Since mama died last year, we've grown closer. I owe much to her for keeping me optimistic and pulling me back from the brink whenever I'm bordering on self-pity. An advice to those who lost a loved one-- surround yourself with great people. Bask in the sunshine of their love.

Always remember that friends are forever. The world is a tough world to live in but God sent us angels, in the form of friends, to remind us that there is good in this world.

Material things give you satisfaction to some extent, but it is the intangible gifts that would give you the truest joy-- friendship, hope, and love. Remember, when all else fails, you will be left with the intangibles. And it is these that you can hold to to help you get through the toughest times.

Cheers to great friends!-- and to the many adventures you'd have together!

grey oversized sweater dress - Oxygen
green wedged boots - Charles & Keith


  1. i love the shots! i feel the joy in these photos. :) am an only child too actually and the closest thing I have to a sibling is my gay cousin who lives with us at home. we've been close since we were young.

  2. Interesting! I've been meeting a lot more only children lately! They say the only child is the most interesting bunch in psychology and I agree! We're a bit crazy, difficult to understand but really, really interesting people! Right? :)

  3. looks so much fun!
    xx Krisella


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