Tuesday, April 29, 2008

supermodel designs a model

First there was Heidi for Birkenstocks. Then Kate for Tophsop. Now, we have Gisele for Ipanema!

To tell you the truth I am a die hard Havaianas fan but when I saw Ms. Bundchen's designs in a shoe salon store, I quickly forgot about my fandom. haha! I wanted to grab, fit and buy most of the Ipanema shoes (by gisele) that I saw there.

What's great about her designs is that it doesn't look so much like slippers anymore. So her designs are great for gals who love to wear slippers but hate being caught off guard by people who ask them why they're wearing slippers for going out (this usually happens in the province, when you wear havs.tsk. sad but true)

Wanna buy some? Go to any mall that has a shoe salon or check out her other designs by clicking here (p.s. you might want to check out her summer designs! They come in the funnest colors of summer!)

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