Sunday, April 20, 2008

Trend alert: Summer fashion!

If I'd have to pick one fashion season I'd wear for the rest of my life, summer fashion would be on top of my list! Tell me, doesn't all the funky colors of summer look sooooo appealing? ;)

Well, every summer there's something new to look out for in the world of fashion and we at PK of course would like you girls to be up to date with what's cool this summer season so read on!

Wayfarer shades - Say goodbye to the aviators and Jackie O's, this season, the wayfarers are taking centerstage! Originally done by rayban, this style of sunglasses are slowly making its way here in the third world as we all take inspiration from the A listers donning them in Hollywood. Wayfarers are really cool because you can pair them with anything from casual attires to dresses! They also come in really cute colors! And the thing with Wayfarers is that it looks good on almost every face shape! It's amazing! A word of caution though: you have to be brave when you wear them out as this fashion accessory is relatively new so it may not be accepted by most people.

Where to buy: Flywear (210php), Tomato (300php), The I Love You Store (800php), (200php)

Applique shirts - I made that name up so excuse me but I just do not know what to call them! lol! What am I talking about? Those shirts with sewed on appliques on them! They're the rave this summer season especially the ones with animal designs. Think: owls and cats!
The fun thing with the applique shirts is that they give life to boring outfits in an instant! The appliques make it look 3d which adds to the overall appeal of the shirt! Another plus is that, you can wear these no matter what age you are! A PK tip: Try checking out the Pre-teen's section of department stores, there are a lot of these there! Just get a size 14 or 16! :) And oh, you can check out Gingersnaps too! They have the cutest animals designs! Just don't be afraid to ask for a bigger size ;)

Last tip: Pick, pick one with funky colors! They're in this summer!
<--this one's from Penshoppe, and retails for 399php (a plus! penshoppe is on sale right now girls and this one is cut by 20%!)

Neon makeup/ nail color - Nothing screams summer than these funky colors! Since March began, I've been seeing a lot of celebs donning orange, purple, and green eyeshadow and nail polish! They're the coolest colors this season! I myself has been bitten by the rave and I found myself scouting around elianto for fab eyeshadow colors! lol!

Where to buy: for really bright and funky makeup and nail colors, go to Elianto! The nail polishes are at 99php each while the eyeshadows are at a special discounted price of 98php!

Summer has just begun so go girls! It's not too late to update yourself with the coolest trends! It's great too because most malls are on sale right now so hustle! Get them while they're hot! :)

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