Saturday, April 12, 2008

Smelly welly

It's getting hawt in herrrr! Yes, summer is upon us! And it only means one thing: HEAT! Yes, yes! In a country as ours, who could not notice the extreme hotness?? Well, the thing with the Philippines being hot is that there is also this huge chance of getting body odor. Nyay. I mean, with all the sweating, it's rather inevitable! But don't worry girls, body odor in summer is normal and I assure you that there are ways to keep yourself smelling fresh all summer long! :)

1. Take a bath everyday! You should you know! And if you can, do it twice a day, one in the morning and one at 6pm. That'll sure keep you smelling fresh!

2. Dress in comfortable and light clothes! There's a reason why dresses are so in on summers and this is exactly it! Avoid clingy fabrics and go for pieces in pastel and light colors.

3. Bring a ponytail! (that is if you have long hair) I think one of the worst sights on summer is when you see someone sweating like a pig and has wet hair sticking to her forehead. Big no-no! Spare yourself the discomfort and ridicule and just go tie your hair!

4. Put deodorant! Some girls are not very keen on putting deo and I have to say I am one of those who are often too lazy. But girls! It's summer! Even if you're not the type who sweats a lot, I tell you, everything changes in the summer! You'll be sweating like a pig what kind of body chemistry you have so you better be prepared!

5. Drink lots of water! It's not just to keep you refreshed. Drinking water actually helps in keeping body odor away. Stick to drinking water than going for other flavored drinks because these drinks come sometimes even cause body odor (did you know that drinking coffee regularly even for a week can give you BO?)

6. Bring alcohol and a towel everyday! So maybe you did sweat out, so what do you do? Go freshen up of course! Just take a piece of cotton, tissue or whatever, put alcohol and then rub it in your underarms, neck, back of the ears and other parts that sweats a lot. After that, you put baby powder, or if deo (if you brought some). That'll really do the trick for you! Goodbye BO!

7. Apply cologne! Yes, I say cologne because colognes are lighter in scent and works best in the summer :) Just make sure to freshen up first with your trusty alcohol before applying cologne as cologne + body sweat = smelly you!

So that's it for the simple tricks to keep you fresh this summer! But wait! We at PK want to give you all we got so we won't end there! I have here a list of things that have been tried and tested to remedy your body odor (in case you unfortunately are victim already):

a. Alcohol. Wipe your armpits with alcohol or white vinegar instead of deodorant
b. Alum (yes, tawas for you!)
c. Apple cider vinegar. So you won't smell too "vinegary"
d. Baby powder. Apply often esp. when you're starting to perspire
e. Baby wipes. Much like your cotton with alcohol, it'll be a temporary solution
f. Baking soda. Very good for excessive sweating!
g. AXE Dry. Yes, axe darlings! It's strong and very foolproof, just don't use often co'z it darken your armpits
h. Driclor. The best of the batch! Driclor will eliminate body odor and control excessive sweating. It can be bought in Mercury Drugstore for about 800 bucks. Just be careful in using it as it may itch. Email us before using it for more guidelines :)

Here's to keeping yourself smelling fresh all day during the summer girls! Don't ever let BO keep you from having fun!

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