Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kill the boredom

Tell me honestly, is your summer turning out to be as fun as you hoped it would be? Good if you say yes, baaaad if you say no! lol! But don't worry girl! Summer doesn't have to be boring for anyone. There are so many ways to keep you occupied this summer and that exactly is what we have compiled for you!

1. read a book - suggestions: gossip girl series, lovely bones, mates & dates series


2. summer workshop - go girls! It's not too late!
3. go on movie marathons - how bout the complete OTH, OC, or Gossip Girl season ey?
4. start a business - go start that halo-halo business you've always wanted to start!
5. do make-shift pictorials - turn your home into a photo studio, dress up and snap away!
6. listen to tracks - why not browse songs in imeem.com or check out new artists at purevolume?
7. play online games - check these pages, it'll be fun! www. weffriddles.com
8. play with your pets - teach them new tricks! bond with your little darlings!
9. reunion with friends - miss your HS, GS or college friends? Why not set a get together?
10. do old fashioned telebabad - it's so much more funner (and cheaper)!
11. sleepover with friends - do the Ultimate Bonding Experience (UBE!) and plan a fun sleepover!
12. roam around the neighborhood - check out what has changed in your village! Who knows you might even bump into someone really cute! lol!
13. draw, create masterpieces - practice your drawing skills! Even if you're not good, just do it! It's fun nonetheless ;)
14. play with photoshop - learning isn't hard if you're willing to experiment! Just thinker around with and I'm very sure you'll be a pro in no time :)
15. exercise - Yes! Now you have time to exercise!
16. engage in sports - Have your friends join you for badminton, volleyball, or any game that would entail group work! It'll be so much fun! Plus, it helps keep away that inevitable summer fat!
17. bake/ cook nonstop - experiment with the stove! Cook anything, bake anything! It doesn't matter if it doesn't taste good at first, you'll get the hang of it, soon :)
18. Create videos - get your trusty handycam and shoot yourself, your friends or anything in between, you can then create a short clip of your summer vacay!
19. write testimonials - yes, it's Friendster time! Leave all your friends sweet testimonials this summer, I'm sure they'll love it!
20. blog - You get to practice your writing skills too!

There you go girls! Some stuff to keep you preoccupied this summer :) Feel free to add more to our list! We would be very glad! I mean, who wouldn't want to get tips on how to have a fun summer, right? *wink!

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