Saturday, April 26, 2008

I scream for ice cream!!!

Hot, hot, hot! I know you all feel the summer heat! Even if during the past few days, it has been drizzling in Sunny Manila, you could still feel the humidity in the air! Well, what's a girl to do? Go eat some ice cream! Yeah! Nothing beats good old fashioned ice cream to keep us all cool this summer :)

Well, NJ and I wore our travelling pants and tried 6 different ice cream parlors to give you all the low-down (and to beat the heat too!) on these creameries! But wait, before you read this, I advice you to forget your diets first and go through the list with an open mind and mouth! *wink wink*

When I was little, I always looked forward to going home from the mall because we had a little tradition of buying a blizzard from DQ! Sadly, that DQ branch had to close. So imagine my delight when I saw a Dairy Queen branch being constructed in Eastwood! (Now, it is OPEN) The McFlurrys at Mcdo are NOTHING compared to the original. The DQ Blizzard is the real deal. They use their signature soft-serve vanilla ice cream and let you decide on which toppings you want to mix in your cup. After this, they use the blizzard machine and turns your cup upside down to let you see that there's no air in it and that it is compact.

Must scream: Concocting your own BLIZZARD
Hush hush: Chocolate covered sundae - this always made me feel a little dizzy. I associated it with the hard chocolate coating, I don't know why but I did (and still do)
Where to scream for it: Eastwood Libis, by the McDonald's entrance

Second year college days are what I remember when I hear 'Nestle Creamery'. We used to daydream about going there and eating tons and tons of ice cream. We loved how far it was from our school because it served as our escape. The heavenly treats added to it's "slightly-remote" charm. Nestle creamery uses Nestle ice cream, of course. What makes this unique is the presentation of the ice cream. They have interesting combinations that would really make your mouth salivate!

Must scream: for some Caramel Oaty Rhum Sundae. This is really gooood! I tell you, NJ was actually the one who ordered this but when I tasted it...I fell in love with it! hah!
Hush hush: Main course-- they need to improve their meals! (2) ordering a scoop of ice cream-- you're in an ice cream parlor! a scoop of ice cream is a no-no, learn to take chances! Try their amazing combinations!
Where to scream for it: along Aurora Boulevard in Quezon City, it's near St.Paul's College QC
in the picture: choco marshmallow panache, chocolate decadence and caramel oaty rhum sundae

If you want your ice cream chunky, Cold Rock is the place to be! It is a bit expensive but if you're going there to splurge and treat yourself it still is worth it. You get to choose your ice cream flavor and all the toppings you want to mix in. There's a huge selection of toppings. I personally like marshmallows, cookie dough and reese's. After you choose the ice cream and the toppings, you get to watch the staff smash your dessert on an icy countertop.

Must scream: creating your own ice cream flavor! (Adding cookie dough is a must! Sooo good!)
Hush hush: Plain ice cream-- the folding on a frozen countertop is the fun part. if you have no toppings and a plain flavored ice cream there's nothing to fold; too pricey!
Where to scream for it: Greenbelt 3 and the Fort strip

Gelato used to be for "health-conscious" girls only but with more and more people being more concerned with what they put in their mouths, gelatos are slowly becoming the in things! Gelatos are actually much, much more expensive than usual ice cream but the flavors are soooo unique and you just know you're getting the real deal! Plus! Gelatos give you a taste of Italia! So if you want to act like an Italian for a day, why not start by consuming this delectable treat? ;)

Must scream: Tasty flavors such as hazelnut and tiramisu (just ask what those are because their names are in Italian); ambience-- like you're really in Italia!
Hush hush: So much more expensive than usual ice cream (1oophp per scoop); dining in because they have service charge which adds to the already expensive price of your treat
Where to scream: Greenbelt 3

The first time I heard about Five Cows, I immediately wanted to drag NJ there and so the moment we had the chance, we immediately travelled to Trinoma in search of the "five cows" (hehe) Well, the first time we went, we couldn't find the resto, turns out it's located at the top most level of Trinoma so you could only imagine our joy when we finally found it! The place itself is so cute complete with white washed chairs and purple walls which adds to its sweet countryside charm. The place is also well lighted and the staff really friendly so even if it took us hours to finally settle our hungry arses there, it was all worth it! And a huge plus: the food are not too expensive too! ;)

Must scream: Cheese Fondue!!! Yes, surprisingly, it was really, really good and shareable at that!; The ice cream cakes (they're big too so sharing is doable:)
Hush hush: Their pizzas--although they taste wonderful, the crust is just too tough
Where to scream for it: Trinoma

in the pictures: ferrero crunch supreme, cheese fondue, tarta de manila

When I hear Haagen Dazs, I am reminded of Little Manhattan, I can still hear Gabe bragging about his date, saying, "I'm a big spender! Haagen Dazs all the way, baby!" lol! :) Well, true to Gabe's words, Haagen Dazs is a bit on the pricey side but if you want to have a taste of the ultimate ice cream, then I say go for it! Well, the Haagen Dazs cafe serves the best of the Haagen Dazs flavors plus more! The treats they have combines fruits, their trusty ice cream flavors, and their own unique syrups! The treats themselves are rather simple (not much mix-ins) which reflects the image of Haagen Dazs itself-- fine and elegant. I say you have to save up and try it for yourself for I'm very sure the ice cream here wouldn't disappoint you!

Must scream: their chocolate fondue!; their chocolate line of ice cream flavors
Hush hush: Coming unprepared to pay! (lol!)
Where to scream for it: Shangrila Mall, SM Mall of Asia, Powerplant, Eastwood, Trinoma

7. Crepes and Creme
I always pass by the Crepes and Creme branch in Mall of Asia but it wasn't until they opened a branch in Robinson's Midtown that I was enticed to try their treats! Well, well, well, treat me they really did! The crepe filled with ice cream was a really delightful surprise for me! First, the ice cream flavors are unique and tasty on their own. Second, the crepes themselves are soft and delicious! Third, you can even customise your ice cream by adding mix-ins! Crepes and Creme really gives a fresh twist to an old-time favorite!

Must scream: the chocolate peanut butter ice cream; adding fruit and condensed milk to your crepe!
Hush hush: it can get messy at times as the ice cream tends to seep through the crepe (our tip? ask for a spoon/fork and a plate and put your crepes there!)
Where to scream for it: SM Mall of Asia, Podium, Rockwell Powerplant Mall, The Fort, Robinson's Midtown

Well, there you go girls! Have fun trying out the ice cream parlors above! We had so much fun "researching" for this post. lol! :P Here's to a fun and 'ice creamy' summer for all of us! ;)

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