Sunday, October 6, 2013

Not Your Ordinary Movies

Thinking of going on a movie marathon? Well, I've compiled here some "unusual" but really cool films that you could consider watching. These are more "indie", if you know what I mean. But then again, all of us could use a break from all the cliche Hollywood flicks once in a while :)

1. Last Stop for Paul

Yes, this movie is another backpacking film. I know, I know, I have a penchant for travel-related films. The idea is, there's two friends who decide to travel the world, while tagging along the other guy's DEAD best friend's (Paul) ashes and spreading it all over the places they visit. It's designed like a travel documentary, and in fact it is. Well, partly. The idea is, when they made this film they only had an outline for it. So they just made up the scenarios and the script as they go along. Yeah, it may sound boring but believe, it is NOT! If anything the film is HILARIOUS! Best laugh I had in a long while. You should wait until the end so you'd see the behind the scenes footage! Epic!

2. Catfish

If you watch MTV, you've probably heard about this. Catfish the tv show is amazing, but Catfish the MOVIE is beyond words. So as not to confuse this with the tv show spin-off, I'll concentrate on discussing the movie. Catfish is a documentary film about Nev Schulman and his relationship with Megan Faccio, this girl who he met through Facebook. To make the story short, Megan didn't turn out to be who she said she was. I won't delve into the details cause it will spoil it for you. Let's just say the girl in the picture, the girl Nev has been talking to for months and all the other things she said she was, was make believe. You'd be surprised to know who the real "Megan" is!

The appeal of this film for me is that it was a documentary. That it was real. And that it was a love story. And as Nev slowly discovered the lies about Megan, I saw in his face genuine hurt and in some parts of the film, I got teary-eyed. Nev is such a great guy and during the documentary you'd see how in love he looked and how he was trying hard to camouflage his hurt when everything came crashing down.

There are so many stories about people finding love through the internet and it's not often that you hear about tragedies. Then again, times have changed. And the harsh truth is, it's hard to trust relationships that are built online. Definitely a film worth watching. Would make you think big time.

3. Paper Heart

Paper Heart is a love story. How can it be anything else? Lol! At first I thought it was a documentary because that's how it's played out. Charlene Yi, the girl in the poster and the star of the documentary, claims that she doesn't know what love is. So she goes off researching and interviewing people about the topic. While they are doing the documentary, Michael Cera (who is so cute in this film!) decides to pursue her. So from being a documentary about love, it became a film about their brewing relationship. Their love story is so cute! They look so awkward and yet it is their awkwardness that makes them such a cute couple!

I have yet to confirm whether or not they really are a couple (google, you're not helping!) but whether or not this is a story or a fictional film, I don't care so much anymore. In the end, it's a nice film. You'd pick up a couple of lessons on love and on things you didn't think about before. It also doesn't hurt that Michael Cera is especially charming in this flick ;)

So there you go! Three films I highly recommend for a special movie marathon. How 'bout you, do you guys have any "indie" films for me?

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