Friday, May 16, 2008

Car essentials

So, you recently graduated or you recently turned 18 and you got a car as a present. It's exciting to tour the cities on your own, right? Before you get too excited and zoom your way out of your garage, let me give you a run down of things that you have to have in your car.

First of all, have your car blessed. Better safe (and guided) than sorry, right?

When you have your car blessed, take the time to buy a (1.)ROSARY to put on your rear view mirror. It's nicer to know that you're being watched over as you travel, isn't it.
Next, bring weather-related essentials. A jacket and umbrella is necessary especially during the rainy months (which is up and coming!). If you feel chilly even after you've turned the a/c off, at least you're ready with a (2.)JACKET to keep you warm.

The (3.)UMBRELLA is very handy dandy when it's raining and you have to get out of your car.

It's also advisable to keep a pair of (4.)SLIPPERS in your car especially if you have a hard time driving in your heels. Third, bring the basics/ hygiene-related essentials. This includes a bottle of water, crackers, gum/candy, and a box of tissue. (5.)WATER would obviously keep you from getting dehydrated and (6.)CRACKERS would keep you from getting famished especially when it is traffic. (7.)GUM OR CANDY, on the other hand, would help you stay awake during the days you've woken up early (and slept late due to watching your fave TV series). (8.)A BOX OF TISSUE would help you wipe accidental little messes you make while eating and driving (or if you need to blow your nose or sneeze.teehee).

Finally, bring the "random" essentials.

I bring a (9.)CUSHION OR PILLOW because I need it when I drive. My car seat doesn't go as high as I need it to so I bring a pillow to sit on so I can see my car's hood better. Check if you need a pillow for the same matter, alright? If you do not, a pillow in your car is still alright because let's say you get to your destination early and you want to catch on some sleep, then voila, you have a pillow to use.

Next, try to buy a (10.)STEERING WHEEL LOCK. Those are usually found in hardware stores such as True Value or Handyman. It is quite important to have one for additional car security purposes. Don't forget to put the steering wheel lock's keys with your car keys, okay?

If you love listening to your ipod, ight as well save up on an (11.)IPOD JACK/CORD. They have affordable ones in cd-r king.

Lastly, stock up on (12.)COINS AND CHANGE. You need the coins for the parking boys' tip.

Now you are all set to take your sweet ride to wherever you please. Think we missed an essential? Feel free to add to our list ;)

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