Monday, May 19, 2008

Be a guilt-free shopper!

I have always had a soft spot for the environment. Even if most of the time, I eat my words and actually do more harm to it, I have moments that I actually try to do my part to help preserve it. Well, if there's one thing I am very guilty of doing, it would be shopping. I mean, imagine all the trees that have to be cut to produce those paper bags, all the plastics you'd get which would end up in the trash, and all the unnecessary hooba doobas you'd get with every purchase! It's just ironic that you'd have to feel guilty for buying something when your purchases should in fact give you joy!

Well girls, we don't need to feel so guilty anymore! Introducing, the BAGGU bags! Baggu bags are environmentally friendly bags made of rip-stop nylon which can surprisingly hold up to 25lbs.! They can also be folded and placed in these adorable little pouches so you can bring them anywhere! The coolest thing about them? They come in super stylish colors!

I can totally imagine myself carrying one of those cute bags. I mean, it would sure as hell beat the sight of me with a tacky yellow green plastic bag from the grocery. haha!

So go on girls! Do your part! Reusable bags are becoming the fad in supermarkets and other department stores but instead of buying each kind for each store (co'z you can't use the reusable bag from healthy options when buying in shopwise, right?), why don't you just bring a BAGGU bag and save yourself the hassle (and money for that matter)! *wink!

Baggus are available in their website:

Or in the Philippines, for orders at:

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