Monday, May 5, 2008

Updates from Tinseltown

Time for our doze of Hollywood news! Leave it to the stars to keep us all entertained in the REEL and REAL world. So what's new in Tinseltown? Drama, drama, drama!

Scoop #1: Miley Cyrus is not so "innocent" after-all! Miley's recent pictures at Vanity Fair has got Hollywood buzzing! Is our favorite teen diva joining the Paris Hilton bandwagon? Oh please no!

Honestly though, I do not know how to react to these photos. Yes, they're surprising for a 15-year old (hey, imagine your highschool classmate posing like that!) but then we have to understand that pictures are just pictures and in fairness to her, the artistic photos are taken beautifully! I am a bit apprehensive though about the one with her father because it looks like she's her father's girlfriend or something. It doesn't look very "father-daughter" to me.

Well, this actually is not the first time that Miley got into a scandal because of her pictures. Remember last year when pictures of Miley and her friend with their lips almost touching shocked all of Hollywood?

Well, I won't comment on this one. I say, girls, it's up to you to decide.

Scoop #2: Sad news for Pete lovers out there but our favorite guitarist is finally tying the knot with girlfriend Ashley Simpson! *gasp!* There are news floating around that the reason the two is getting married is because Ms. Simpson is carrying Pete's baby! Well, Ashley hasn't confirmed nor denied any of the rumors but one thing she's definitely confirming is her engagement with Pete.

Well here's to their wedding next month! And oh by the way, they have recently won as one of the sexiest couples in People magazine! They really do make a hot couple, don't they? (*sobs* goodbye Pete! goodbye!)

Scoop #3: Is Lindsay Lohan having a lesbo relationship?? Hollywood is left dumb-founded with the news that it girl Lindsay Lohan may be having a lesbian relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson. The two has been spending an awfully lot of time together which makes the media suspicious. Of course Lindsay's side denies the rumors saying that the Ronson's are good friends with the Lohans and that Samantha and Lindsay are nothing but the best of friends.

So that's it for your doze of Hollywood drama! Tinseltown is getting busy again with all the intrigues. But don't worry, we'll keep you updated. Afterall, we take our genes from the queen of all intrigues, gossip girl herself. lol!

you know you love us...

S and NJ

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