Thursday, May 22, 2008

One moment, one nescafe

I am a self-confessed coffeeholic. I particularly like my coffee served to me in cafes and coffee shops as I do not like the "fake" taste of instant coffee. If I cannot get myself coffee from Starbucks or Seattle's Best, I go for the next best thing: Freshly brewed coffee in the comfort of my own home. Yes, I like my coffee THAT good. However, I have been very busy lately and do not have time to brew my own blend or even drop by coffee shops (aside from my usual Friday night Starbucks date with my girls) so I had to make do with the one thing I used to hate drinking: INSTANT COFFEE.

So okay, there I was craving for some serious caffeine when I was handed Nescafe's line of "healthy coffee" by my mom. I've seen Nescafe's ads in Reader's Digest and admittedly was very curious about the taste plus I was in serious craving mode so I took some (even if all my angels were advising me against it). So how was it? I'll give you the low-down:

Nescafe Fit

Nescafe fit is for those on a diet. It has a sugar substitute and teavigo which is good for the body. It is decaffeineted too so it's good for non coffee drinkers out there.
Well, as expected, it tastes so much more bland than the usual instant coffee. You could hardly taste the coffee much more its sweetness! Still, I have to give it props for sticking to its goal of being a "diet" drink. And yeah, I guess also some stars for that unusual tea taste that's incorporated in the coffee. At least it made it taste less "instant" and a little more first class.

Nescafe Relax
True to its name, Nescafe Relax has Chamomile extracts which has been known to help the body relax. Surprisingly, the coffee tasted good (sweeter and stronger than Nescafe Fit) and the chamomile added to its overall appeal. Just imagine yourself drinking a less tasty version of Starbuck's Peppermint Mocha. Yes! It's minty, cool, and in many ways, very relaxing. I think what's really great about it is its aroma. The Chamomile gives it this really sweet scent that would really help you relax and entice you to drink more of the coffee. haha! So... I give a thumb up for this one (note: one thumb only as it's still bitter and somewhat mediocre)

Nescafe Protect
The last of the line of "healthy" coffee from Nescafe promises to be the ultimate coffee drink for those who want to stay in top shape as it contains 3x more antioxidants than Green Tea. However... (here it goes!) its taste was completely disappointing! It was too bitter but ironically didn't have a strong coffee flavor. It's like, you want to drink more so you'd taste the distinct flavor of coffee but all you savor is bitterness. Just when I thought coffee was supposed to be bittersweet! Where's the sweet part then?

Nescafe is trying to prove to the world that coffee is healthy. Yes, I know, there's nothing wrong with that because I'm a big coffee fan anyway. But then, I think what's disappointing about it is that they focused too much on the health-part of the beverages and totally forgot the taste part. So in the end, I say brewed coffee is so much more better than instant but I have to hand it to Nescafe for trying. What they're doing is good and they deserve kudos for that ;)

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