Thursday, May 8, 2008

Back! Pack!

♪backpack! backpack! back pack back pack! doot doodoot doot do-dora...♪

Okay, sorry sorry..enough of that.Hehe. It was either in Cruel Intentions or in a Freddie Prinze Jr. movie that I first saw a Jansport backpack. Although I don't remember the movie, I clearly remember the scene wherein they were in an elite private school's hallway. All the students were using a Jansport backpack. However, if you're a girl yours would be red and if you're boy your backpack would be blue.

When I was in High School, Jansport factories started churning colorful models. I used a big purple one then. Just recently, Jansport has been coming up with unique pop-art like designs. My personal favorites are these:

Not only are Jansport backpacks good for school stuff, it's also good for your camping/outing clothes. A word of caution, though girls... A Jansport bag isn't that cheap. One bag costs at least 2,500php. If you're attracted to its funky designs and comfy features then troop to The Travel Club, Bratpack or to the bags section of leading department stores such as Robinson's and Rustan's.

*The Travel Club is located at Alabang Town Center, Gateway Mall, Shangri-la Mall and SM Megamall.

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