Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hong Kong Fashion Diary

You probably already heard from Sophia that I went to Hong Kong last March to celebrate my birthday. I had a lot of fun on that trip because it was the first trip I took with my college barkada. Sophia was supposed to come with us but because she also had a trip lined up (Japan, Japan!) she couldn't go :( Instead of the usual "tourist-y" blog post, let me focus on doing an OOTD post instead.

Let me say beforehand that I was only partly prepared for this trip because I just came (literally one day after) my exams so planning was out of the question. Plus, I didn't anticipate how cold it was in HK.

Day 1: Nautical
This is not actually a "nautical" outfit. It just looked like that because of my scarf. And well yeah, a bit because of the color of my skirt-- oh, excuse me, it's actually a skort, which is great for travelling.

White long sleeves - Uniqlo | Navy skort and Scarf- Forever 21 | Boots - from Temple Street

Day 1 (night): Pink and prettified
 This is my birthday "salubong" outfit. We went out for dinner and drinks and it was really cold out, I can't emphasize enough how my insufficiently clothed I was.

Hot pink dress - Shapes | Black and gold Utility Jacket - Forever 21 | Gladiator wedges - Chocolate Schubar
Day 2: Birthday Dress

White sweater - Forever 21 | "awesome" sweater (not on this photo) - H&M | Hot pink bandage skirt - Forever 21 | White leggings - H&M | PInk and orange scarf - Forever 21 | Tan boots - Temple Street find
Happy birthday to me! Of course, I shall wear pink on my birthday! :) My favorite piece of clothing here is my scarf because it's like a gradient. One part of it is in a deep pink color and the other half is orange. Also, the fabric is very soft to the touch which makes it such a dainty and unique piece!

Day 3: Sporty and striped

Didn't really get a good shot of my outfit this day, but here's a couple where you can see it:

Striped dress - Forever 21 | Red racer jacket - Gifted from Canada | Nautical Scarf - Forever 21 | Tan boots - Temple Street

There you have it! A brief ootd post during my trip to Hong Kong! The cold weather in Hong Kong was really fun cause it allowed me to try my layering skills (which I've learned I have very little of) but I really enjoyed the weather! It was just the perfect amount of cold. But I would have loved it more if I brought warmer clothes with me. Lol!


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