Monday, April 21, 2014

Bikini Shopping Made Easy

For some bizarre reason, all my swimwear are from online stores. I know buying bikinis is tricky enough as it is, more so if you're not able to try them on as in the case of online shopping. I know it's a quirk and I have to admit it hasn't all been success stories for me, but because I have been at it for many years, I'd like to take this chance to feature some of my favorite online brands (and others I have yet to buy from):

I Love Koi
I have two bikinis from I Love Koi. I've learned to stalk their website as early as December for new designs. I love how Koi understands the female body and accentuates all the right places, making the swimwear look really sexy. What's really special about I Love Koi are their designs! They have such stylish bikinis that I often have a hard time ordering just one.

Soak Swimwear
My last two swimsuits are from Soak. I've heard about Soak Swimwear from my friends before but it's only now that I bought swimwear from them. So what's the verdict? Awesome! I love that it looks so sexy! Plus their medium is a true medium. Normally I have trouble buying swimwear because I am a small on top and medium for the bottom. The medium from Soak though is perfect as it is a true medium which makes it versatile enough for my uneven measurements (hehe).

Nudo Swimwear
I don't have a swimsuit yet from Nudo but I always drop by their site to check out if there's anything I like. The designs look promising and if only they didn't sold out so fast, there's a big chance I'd have gotten something from them already.

Cesa PH
This is another brand I have yet to buy from but their designs also look so pretty! They also carry the fringe bandeaus which are so hot right now!

Zalora is not just exclusive for swimwear but you should really check out their swimsuit collection which offers a wide array of items from different brands. I bought my first I Love Koi swimsuit from Zalora because at that time I didn't even know that I Love Koi existed. It's a great place to discover new brands and also compare different designs. The best part is, Zalora has so many payment options-- including cash on delivery!

It's only halfway through summer and there's still time to get your dream bikinis! Happy shopping summer babes!

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