Saturday, April 19, 2014

Soul sisters

I'm an only child but I am fortunate enough to grow up being friends with my godsister, who incidentally, is also an only child. We have a 6-year age gap but we share so many things in common that we get along really well. She is like my older sister, best friend, partner in crime, girl friend, and overall go-to girl for anything and everything in my life.

When we were younger, the age gap was much more apparent but in the latter part of my teenage years, our age gap became less an issue and we started getting closer as our concerns in life became more similar.

People think we're related by blood but we're not. We really are just godsisters. (My mom is her Ninang and her mom is my Ninang). Sometimes, it's easier though to say we're cousins cause people don't normally understand how we could be so close and not be related.
Most times, I'd like to believe we're soul sisters. That maybe in another life, we truly were sisters. Or a pair that was connected in a deeper level. You don't really understand the connection, but you just accept it. And you just know deep in your heart that this person was brought into your life for a reason. It was no accident. Like you were drawn to each other... led by an invisible hand until your paths crossed.

Not everyone believes in destiny. Or on soulmates and reincarnation. But there are things in this life that only be explained by believing in the enexplainables-- in things that are not concrete.

It may sound crazy but I believe my godsister is one of my soulmates. That in a past life, we've met before. And we are fortunate enough to find each other again in this lifetime.

They say our soulmates we meet in our lives are the people who will impact us in a great way and redirect our lives. It is them who will lead us to the right path and show us what we are brought in this world to do (and to become). It doesn't matter so much whether the concept of soulmates is real or not, all I know is that I am grateful for my godsister, and she is (and forever will be) one of the people who I know has changed my life (for better) and for good.

Striped dress: Forever 21
Red shoes: Sole Mate

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