Saturday, April 12, 2014

Blushed and Ready for Marriage

I have a thing for marriage. I have been planning my own wedding since I was very young and everytime I attend weddings, I always go home feeling more depressed excited for my own. A few weeks ago, I attended a former boss' wedding at Fernbrook Gardens and it, again, reminded me why weddings get to me.

I used to believe that every girl dreamt about getting married. But over the years, I learned that not all girls dream about weddings. They don't pay particular attention to it nor give it that much importance, saying it's just a ceremony. I used to not believe them but with so many ladies saying the same thing, I realized maybe marriage really is not for all. Maybe dreaming about a whimsical wedding is just for the hopeless romantics; for the few (of us) who still believe in fairytales.

The weddings I've attended have all been like what I had in my head-- magical and dream-like. But I realized what really makes them more beautiful is that the ceremonies allowed the bride and groom to CELEBRATE their love. To be mushy in front of their families and friends and tell everyone present what makes the other so lovable.

I especially love hearing the wedding vows because with so many people witnessing it, I feel like there is no greater love than that-- it shows the kind of love that prompts both parties to shout it out from the rooftops and tell the whole world that this is the person they chose. It always brings me to tears.

That kind of love. That kind that is over-the-top; can't-believe-this-is-happening-to-me kind of love. That is what I particularly look forward to during weddings. It makes the ceremony so beautiful. Everything just comes together full circle. The venue, the vows, the details-- all of it is encircled and bunched up in one big ball of LOVE.

I look forward to when I can finally plan my own wedding. I'm sure I will be a bridezilla because I pay particular attention to details plus I am quite a perfectionist. For now though, I have to find my groom first :P

One day, I believe it will be my turn :)

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