Sunday, April 27, 2014

Perfect White

Those who follow me on Instagram probably know that I've recently graduated from my Master's. I took my Master's in UP also and one of the things that I really looked forward to (apart from the diploma) was being able to wear the UP sablay. In my undergrad, I didn't attend my college graduation so I didn't get to wear the sablay :( Now though, I made up my mind that no matter what it takes, I will attend my college graduation and WEAR A SABLAY!

The greatest challenge for me was to find the perfect white dress. It is part of the graduation guidelines that we must wear a white/off-white dress/ Filipiana together with the sablay. I cannot emphasize enough how hard it was to find the perfect white dress! (with sleeves and knee length!)

I ordered the dress online at apartment8clothing but because it was almost the holy week, all shipment had to wait until the Monday after. It would of course be too late for my graduation so I surrendered to the idea of having to look for another dress to wear. While chatting with my colleagues that Holy Wednesday though, they told me that maybe there was a way for me to just pick up the dress at the store. That idea sounded amazing and after hours of coordinating with the store, I finally got the go signal to pick up my orders!

Their design store is at QC and I have to admit it is a long drive from where I was at. But I was desperate and the dress was perfect so I didn't mind the traffic and long drive just to get to the store.
I am so happy I decided to get the dress from the store. Apart from this, I also got my other grad dress (yes, UP has two graduation ceremonies) plus a couple more items. Hehe :P Thank you so much to the very kind and accommodating people at Apartment 8! I cannot tell you how happy you have made me on my graduation :) I cannot repeat it enough-- the dress is perfect :)

Here's to batch 2014 and all the graduates who were able to find the perfect dress too!

A special shout out to all the UP graduates! Mabuhay ang mga iskolar ng bayan!

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