Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ruby Red

As I've mentioned in my last post, UP Manila has two graduation ceremonies. The first one was where we had to wear the UP sablay, the second one, the toga. This peculiarity is really cool but it also means one thing-- the need for two graduation dresses.

 Like my white graduation dress, this one is also from apartment8clothing. It's actually a two piece terno. The top is a crop top and the skirt a high waisted skirt.

It took me a while to decide to go with this dress because it's actually a size too big for me. I have trouble with clothing because I'm in between a small and a medium. Most times I go for the bigger size cause I know I can always make adjustments. For this one, I sewed the sides to make it fit better but for some reason, it's still too big! The top actually fell down by chest during graduation (good thing we had a toga over it). I just noticed cause it felt a bit "breezy".

It doesn't discount the fact that the outfit is also perfect for the occasion. I love its length and its striking red color. It's classy yet trendy at the same time.
Again, thank you to Apartment 8 clothing for making me look perfect during my graduation ceremonies. I am beyond grateful that I found the perfect dresses :)

Cheers to the new graduates!

Dress: apartment8clothing
Black pumps: Parisian (circa 2012)
Black bag: Mango

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