Saturday, March 22, 2008

School ender part-ey!

Summer is just a few weeks away and for most of us, it means saying goodbye to our beloved classmates and friends for a good two months! Well, before you all go off your separate ways, why don't you take one day and plan one last hurrah to officially end the school year? Well, S and I loves to end our school days with a sem-ender activity. To give you an idea of what kind of activities would be a good sem-ender treat, we've listed some here:

Enchanted kingdom - Yes, I know everyone goes here! But then, who can blame them? Enchanted Kingdom is still the best Barkada gimmick place to date. So if you want to unwind and spend a fun day with your barkada, why don't you plan a trip to Laguna and check out EK? I am sure you would have lots of funny experiences with your friends :)

Arcade - So maybe you don't have a lot of money to spend. Or maybe your friends (or you) are not allowed to go on out-of-town trips. What do you do? Go to the nearest arcade instead! Yes, if you've tried going to Timezone, G box, or Tom's world with your barkada, you'd know how fun it is! I suggest you go to Festival Mall so you guys could try the Go Karts too. It'll be so much fun!

Movie Date - This is for the barkada that isn't very adventurous and would rather cherish each other's company instead ;) Yes, it may sound very boring but really, watching a movie with your barkada is soooo much fun! If your barkada is an all-girls group, I suggest you watch something romantic and if you're in a boys and girls barkada, try something scary! :) I tell you, it works! I'm sure the dark theater won't keep you guys from having a good time! ...and yeah, talking about the movie afterwards is a lot of fun too!

Manila Ocean Park - If you're nature lovers or if you just want to try something different, then going to the newly openned Manila Ocean Park is for you! It's fun seeing the water creatures with your friends and sharing with them your love for animals. Who knows you might even discover hidden fears among your friends like if one is scared of starfishes or something. ha!

Red Box Karaoke - Singing is every Filipino's favorite pasttime so I'm very sure you and your friends would enjoy this activity! You can always go to any videoke place but if you want that ultimate karaoke experience, I suggest you try Red Box Karaoke! It's a bit on the expensive side but they have really updated playlists and the rooms are spacious and very clean! Also, you can order food while singing! I tell you, their herb onion rings are just to die for!

Ice Skating - Want to try something different? Something adventurous? Then ice skating is for you! It doesn't matter if all of you do not know how to skate! It's even funner if that's the case because you would have a really funny time on the rink! Besides, after two hours of practice, I assure you that you would learn how to skate already and then you wouldn't want to stop skating! lol! This is also a good barkada activity because you'd discover hidden talents among your friends and even hidden fears as well!

Tagaytay - This is for that barkada who have the means and the determination to go out of town! Tagaytay is the perfect barkada get-away because you can do a lot of fun things together and still be able to come home in the afternoon. You can go horseback riding, go on a picnic, see the view and just spend time bonding in the cool Tagaytay weather :) Another plus: you'd have a lot of beautifully taken pictures to brag to all your classmates in your multiply accounts! *wink!

Sleepover - The ultimate barkada experience! UBE! Yes! Sleeping over a barkada's house is the ultimate bonding experience because you get to do a LOT of things together. It may just be going on dvd marathons, singing karaokes, gorging on junk food, playing cards, creating your own fashion show or what-not, I am sure sleepovers will make you all feel so much more closer as a barkada!

Well, whatever you choose to do, just remember that you don't have to overthink it. You're with your friends and bonding with them should be on top of your priority list! Have a great sem-ender PK girls!

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