Sunday, March 30, 2008

Restaurant Review: Cerealicious

Okay, I was a bit torn on whether this is a restaurant or a snack bar. But nonetheless, I want to write a rave review about it. NJ and I love love love cereals. To be honest with you, she was the one who taught me to love cereals. When I was in high school, I didn't like cereals at all. Would you believe that I didn't like even the chocolate-flavored ones? Believe it. I was a rice-for-breakfast type of girl. Maybe I still am-in majority-but things have changed for me. I have learned to appreciate the yummy (and healthy) aspect of cereals.

We've heard about Cerealicious two years ago. They set up a booth in our fair but we weren't able to try 'em! So imagine our surprise when we found out that they have a branch near our school.

A bowl of Cerealicious is of course composed of cereals and milk. What makes Cerealicious special is that you could add various toppings to it. Cerealicious gives its customers the freedom to create their own cereal combination. But for those who want to taste the tried and tested flavors, then order the Cereal Blockbusters. Their recipe mixes, Cereal Blockbusters, give us a hint on how creatively they named their top-selling combinations. My personal favorite, Nutting Hill, is comprised of Koko Krunch, chocolate mini kisses, nuts, marshmallows and chocolate syrup. There are a lot of other flavors to choose from. Here's some of the other hit flavors, Jelly Maguire (composed of Rice Krispies, Maltesers, coffee jelly, and chocolate syrup), Jumango (composed of cornflakes, mango bits, honey crumble, and strawberry syrup) and Cashewblanca (composed of Cocoa Frosties, brownies, and cashews). So you see, if you want chocolate-y ones, they definitely have those. If you want fruity flavored ones, they also have those.

The Cereal Blockbusters come in two sizes, Trailer (40php) and Blockbuster (85php). But, if you want to try something else besides the bowl of cereals, why don't you opt for the Cereal Smoochies. The Cereal Smoochies are still cereals but they are smoothies.

Is it just me or are you also drooling over the cereals? Come on PK girls, it's time for us to try these delectable meals whether you eat them for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner or dessert!

Where to go to get your cereal-fix:
Taft Avenue (in front of De La Salle University)
Robinson's Ermita Midtown Wing 3rd Floor
Ateneo De Manila University High School Cafeteria
UST Espana Parking Building
The Block SM North Edsa

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