Thursday, March 27, 2008

water babies

WHAT TIME IS IT?? SUMMER TIME! Haha. Alright, that might have been a little too High School Musical 2 for some PK girls but it really is summer time!

A lot of people would say that no matter what you do this summer, as long as you're enjoying yourself then it's a-ok. But we have to admit that with the season comes SUMMER HEAT.. Well, what better way is there to cool our bodies than swimming!

Although it's vacation time, it doesn't guarantee that all the friends you want to invite are allowed to go on weeklong out-of-town trips..So, we've compiled a few places you can go to to stay overnight or even just for the entire day.

1. Ace Water Spa
Located in Del Monte Ave., Quezon City, it is the first European concept hydrotherapy spa in the Philippines. Whoa, right? Not only do you get to enjoy swimming, you'd also get about FIVE glorious hours of massages. It's really cheap considering that a five hour hydrotherapy spa treatment here only costs 500 bucks. They have really cool pools such as the bubble bed, waterfall bath, hot herbal pool, and many more. This summer season, they are open from 6am to 11pm. What's great about the Ace Water Spa is that it's covered. Perfect for those who are not so ready to get a tan. Click here to know more about Ace Water Spa.

2. Wonder Island
Found in a place close to our National Hero's heart, Wonder Island Resort in Calamba Laguna is one discrete getaway. Who would think that going to a pool resort in Laguna requires riding a mini-'yachtlike' boat? Yes, girls their accomodations include this free boat ride. When you get to the resort full of natural spring water pools, you'd find it hard to stop yourself from running around and jumping into the pools. It would be alright just as long as you've fixed your reservations. Getting excited already? Reserve your dorm room, family unit, bamboo houses or pavillions by contacting their Manila line (02)520-8556 or their Laguna line (049)545-1766.

3.Club Manila East
If you enjoy outdoor pools, kayaking and braving wave and slide pools then CME Taytay is for you. CME is 25 minutes away from Manila. What's cool about Club Manila East is that they have a barkada hotel promo wherein 5 people (6 if all of you have your student IDs) could get one night's stay inclusive of complimentary breakfast and entrance for only 4350 bucks! We've computed and it is really much cheaper than combining the other rates such as occupying two Don Renatos' (2980 for 2 pax. + 695 per extra person = 7350!). If you're tired of the pools in Manila's North and South, go try the East! Click here for more info.

4. Pansol
Laguna is well known for its hot springs. So if you're feeling spontaneous and the 'rents easily give you and your friends permission, go to Pansol Pansol Pansol! You can rent one house-like resort within the vicinity. Just be patient in looking for the one that fits your budget. Of course it would be better if you already have connections such as (1) you know someone who owns a house there (2)you've already tried staying in that resort. If you want to be sure if the resort you rent is safe, secure and accredited then click here to find your chosen resort.

But, wait wait wait...we are also aware that since it is summer, we don't get allowance. So we've listed a few alternatives. You didn't think you can't go swimming just because you don't have money, didn't you?

1. A friend's condo
Most condominiums have pools that could be used by unit owners and their guests. So, do you have friends who live in condominiums? It's time to start bugging them and asking them when you're going to hang out by their condo's poolside!

2. Village's clubhouse pool
Exclusive villages and subdivisions also usually have clubhouses with swimming pools. Some clubhouse pools are free just as long as your friend who lives there registers all his/her guests. Other clubhouse pools, though, have entrance fees. But you don't have to worry. Usually it's just 50-100 bucks and you're good to go for the whole morning or whole afternoon. What's good about this is that you don't have to spend for your food. Hungry? Strike a deal with your friend who lives there and have their helper bring some snacks.

3. Hotel's member privelege
If your family is fond of getting membership cards in hotels, ask your moms if the membership cards come with vouchers. Be patient and search for the free access to the hotel pool. You do not have to be checked-in at the hotel as long as you have those vouchers, you can swim..and swim in class, dah-lings! But since you're swimming for free just be ready to take a bath in the hotel's public pool restrooms after you swim, ayt?

Now what are you waiting for? Start texting and calling your friends and bring out those two-piece bikinis!

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