Monday, December 27, 2010

Hot Caramel Fudge

For some reason, I've been leaning towards caramels and browns lately. I think it's because I am reminded by baked goods and all things warm and sweet-- which is still connected to Christmas.

It's the first time I've worn a white dress without any occasion. The only time I remember wearing one was during my 1st communion (ha, that's around 12 years ago!). I am not really a big "white dress" fan co'z I've always been on the heavy side so I try to steer clear of whites. Even though I've lost the weight in College, I somehow never found myself having the chance to wear a white dress-- until now.

White looks okay on me, if I say so myself. It's not my favorite but it's starting to grow on me. It helps a lot that I like tans/browns so maybe I can start from there-- pair my whites with browns so I'd feel comfortable in them.

 Blazer- H&M
White dress- H&M
Tan lace-up boots- Parisian
Brown bag- Oleg Cassini
Cat's eye sunglasses - Forever 21

One of the inspirations for this outfit is this wonderful cat's eye sunglasses I got last month at Forever21. I've almost forgotten about it that finding it amongst my cluttered accessories was like finding treasure! I love the size and shape of it because I've often been teased of looking like a cat. These glasses make me feel doubly so and I dunno, it has this dominatrix quality about it that I absolutely love!
 Isn't it a beaut? :)


  1. '..finding it amongst cluttered accessories was like finding treasure!' -i totally feel you! I don't call it clutter though. More of organized chaos!


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