Thursday, December 16, 2010

TMF Gift Idea: In2It Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Pen

If you're on a tight budget but you want to give your fashionista friends something they'd love, then read on..

Two months ago, I did the make-up for my cousin's photo shoot. Since I hastily left home, I forget to bring some of my make-up. Luckily, the models brought their own stash and that's how I learned of the product that helped me achieve this easily..
Pardon the cross-eye, I was trying to look up-close at my laptop's webcam.
Try to focus on the eyeliner instead ;))

I was so amazed with its innovative pen-type design but after some research, I found that there are actually other existing pen-type liquid eyeliner brands in the market (such as Revlon and Maybeline). However, In2It offers the same quality at the most affordable price. You're probably asking yourself why I'm raving so much about the pen-type design. You see, I've tried using the 'eyeliner brush' with liquid eyeliner and gel eyeliner but the line I create with it is usually super thin that I end up having to do tons of strokes to get the thickness that I desire. With the pen eyeliner, 2 to 3 strokes does the trick! I did some screenshots of me trying to apply the product.

Remember, do smaller flowing strokes instead of big hurried strokes. By tracing your lash line with smaller strokes, you get more control and precision in creating a cleaner line.

Pros: Easy breezy application & relatively cheap price!
Cons: You have to wait for a few seconds after application for it to completely dry or else the color will transfer to your crease
Wallet damage: Php 330 at Watson's
Tip: Check out In2It's bundle of eyeliner with a pen type eyeshadow duo.
Best to give to: Fashionista friends/ makeupholics/ friends who have a deep longing to learn how to apply fabulously thick eyeliner.


  1. Hi Sophia,

    Do you have any difficulties in removing the eyeliner? because I do, it smudges n give me panda eyes.Do you have any tips on removing them? Really appreciate it if you can share it. Thanx.

  2. Hi Darlene! It really is quite tricky to remove. What I do is I use cotton pads with L'oreal Gentle Eye make-up remover and wipe it off. Afterwards, I use cotton buds with the same make-up remover and dab my upper and lower lashline til it's completely removed. Sometimes, I also use Cetaphil (on cotton pads) if there's still some color remaining on my eyelids.

    I think completely removing the eyeliner is just a matter of patience. :| Hope I was of help! :)


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