Tuesday, December 14, 2010

TMF Gift Idea: Ballet Philippines Barbie!

When I went to see Peter Pan a few days ago, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the "Designer Barbies" were also displayed at the CCP Lobby. I've wanted to see them up close since I heard about them so you could only imagine my glee to see they weren't sold out yet!

So to start off our TMF Gift Ideas series, I want to present to you the gorgeous Designer dolls of Ballet Philippines (or what's left of them):

Weeeh! The sheer number of Barbie dolls on display makes me want to go into crazy mode and grab them all! Haha. So excited!

The leftmost Barbie is from Jerry Katigbak and retails for Php6,000.00. Doesn't her skirt look pretty?

These ones from James Reyes look so elegant. Very vintage, circa 1950. Truth is, these are actually inspired by "Odile", the black swan and pays homage to every woman's "dark side".

I so adore the head pieces on these dolls by Brian Leyva!
The dolls of Dong Omaga Diaz also caught my attention! See Barbie in the middle with the amazing plum dress!
Doesn't she look gorgeous?? She's a bit on the expensive side though selling for Php8,000.00 *tears, tears*

I'm extremely glad I got the chance to see the dolls up close. Just a bit disappointed that my favorites weren't available anymore. But then, it's expected. I mean, how can you resist dolls that look like these:

*drool, drool, drool!

Ah, I am so lusting over these gorgeous dolls! Barbie is so classic! I seriously wouldn't mind getting one this Christmas!

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