Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Revisiting Sofitel Pt. 2: Spiral

I'm not sure it counts as "tradition" but for some reason my family have been dining at Spiral after Christmas day. This year, I wanted to give up my chance to eat the 3,300php buffet because 1) I want to go on a diet and 2) I'm pretty sure, my vegeterianism will limit me. But no, mom wouldn't approve so I had to find a way to stretch my options. Here goes my futile attempt:

The trademark Spiral staircase
Where to begin?

*head spins* With all the food there, why oh why can't I find a decent vegetarian meal? Ah yikes! Good thing there's Italian:

Zucchini parmigiana and cheese/margherita pizza
For my second serving, I opted for Vegetable tempura which looked so sad I didn't bother taking a picture. I felt so full already from the pizza and zucchini but I knew I had to at least give justification to that three thousand peso meal so I ransacked the dessert table:

Aha! I spot my creme brulees! Yehey!
These juices are a nice touch. I don't think they had these last year

A one, a two , a three! Presenting my dessert plate:

That was just the first, I ended up going on seconds for dessert. I couldn't get enough of the chocolate flavored brulee. I'm not a big fan of chocolate so trust me when I say it was divine!

As expected, I left Spiral with an extra full stomach and satisfied palate. Honestly, Spiral is the buffet I enjoy eating co'z I can actually taste the effort and expertise with EVERY dish.

If you ever find yourself at Sofitel, do drop by Spiral, I tell you, the Sofitel experience just won't be complete without ransacking the famous buffet :)


  1. 3k for a meal?? WOW. but everything looks so delish!!!

  2. yup, 3,300php on Sundays, 2k from mon-sat, then I think there's also a different rate for lunch/dinner :)

    yes, the food is amazing! EVERYTHING tastes great!


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