Friday, December 17, 2010

TMF Gift Idea: Swatch University Watches

It was my mom who first told me Swatch came out with limited edition University watches. She kept raving about the UP watch and how it's cute and all that. I, of course was so hyped to see it that you could only imagine my semi-disappointment to find that the design does not look that appealing to me :(

Mom is still convincing me to get it since it's limited but up to now I'm still undecided. It's just too plain for my taste! But don't let me stop you from getting these other cute watches from Swatch:

Ateneo also comes with also just one option:
La Salle has the biggest selection. I must say, these ones are more "me"
UST comes second with three designs. The yellowish gold on black is so stylish!

Three other schools have commemorative watches: ICA, St. Scholastica and Assumption:

The pieces are available at all Swatch branches and retails for Php3,500.00. Honestly, I'd rather get the redesigned Swatch Gents but somehow, the idea that these University watches are limited makes deciding difficult!

What do you guys think, buy now or pass?

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