Thursday, December 30, 2010


 ...and so my brown addiction continues!

 Lately I have been buying a lot of coats because I feel like I should invest more in classic pieces and versatile stuff I can wear no matter what occasion. I first wore this coat to work and my office mates teased me saying I looked very 'devil wears prada'... except I'm not Anne Hathaway, I am Meryl Streep @_@

I know, I know, the "wings" on the coat say just that! But you can't blame me for falling in love with this piece because I just think it's super and when I close my eyes I dream about it. (haha, exagge) I especially love the coffee color because it looks so classy and British. Aaaah, I could imagine myself beside Prince Harry ♥_♥

The fabric is just a bit hot though. Good thing I wore something classy underneath so even without the coat, it still worked :)
Brown coat: Celine
White button down polo: Solo Larry Alcala Collection
Black trousers: Soiree
Tan Lace-up boots: Parisian

I am obviously still not over my cat's eye glasses... and the lace-up boots!


  1. Parisian has a lot of good stuff! BNeen seeing a lot of bloggers wearing it. I should try buying from them this 2011!

    And nice outfit! I love The Devil Wears Prada!

  2. oh yes, they have a lot of good stuff! parisian has totally jumped on the fashion bandwagon!

  3. i love your coat jacket. and i think overall, you look really fab! :-)


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