Monday, December 6, 2010

With you there's no in between

 I don't know what it is with me and being lazy but whenever I feel lazy or not in the mood, I end up wearing fun and colorful outfits instead. I think maybe it's my bipolar tendencies which is also reflected in my choice of clothing. 

Wore this out to dinner with my relatives in celebration of two of my Tito's birthdays. Since I didn't have anything planned that day, I practically dragged myself out of bed just to go out. I initially planned to wear a casual t-shirt and a skirt but for some reason I ended up looking dressier than planned. Oh me and my "lazy" days!

Actually, when you analyze every single piece I'm wearing, you'd see that each one is suited for casual days, but somehow the addition of the necklace and bracelet made it look dressier. Amazing what accessories can do!
White t-shirt: Onion Laundry
Turquoise skirt: SM kid's section
White strappy sandals: Prima donna (borrowed from my cousin)
Turquoise neckpiece: Bijoux Ternier
Gold cuff: SM Dept. store
White watch: ODM

You might have noticed that my top is styled two ways in the pictures: (1) knotted and (2) stretched out. I couldn't really decide which looked better. Can you guess what version I ended up wearing? 'bout you, which look would you go for?

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  1. hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog :) I appreciate the comment you left. I love your style too. Following you now! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul


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